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With a push for greater board and trustee accountability, education institutions face a distinct set of risks; Marsh can assist you in assessing, prioritising, and managing these risks.

Today, education institutions face a wide range of risks, from campus security and safety, to compliance with government regulations, cyber risk, and more.

Working with a broad spectrum of Asian education establishments, Marsh's Education Practice understands the environment you work in and its unique exposures. These risks can damage your reputation, profitability, and even viability in the face of increasing public and government demand for board and trustee accountability.

Taking a consultative approach to risk management, we help schools, academies, colleges, and universities better understand their risks. Our risk assessment capabilities – backed by our dynamic risk-mapping technology – help you benchmark, quantify, and manage financial and operational risk exposures in the areas of property, general liability / employers liability, natural hazards, and many other areas.

We provide protection focused on dealing with exposure to physical, consequential, legal, management, financial, and reputational risk – drawing on a bespoke portfolio of innovative insurance solutions and risk management solutions that meet the specific requirements of your educational institution.

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