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Employee Health & Benefits

Marsh provides support to help reduce human resource administration that relates to employee benefits. We offer solutions that lead to increased corporate value by providing and managing enhanced employee benefits programs.

We offer employers the advantage of local market knowledge, cost-efficient processes, and access to expertise on innovations and compliance.

Our programs are developed through careful evaluation and analysis to integrate existing group insurances for increased customization and competitiveness, with cost and operational efficiencies in mind.

Our benefits programs are designed and tailored to the business needs of each firm, and we manage our clients’ employee health and benefits programs and their active use to ensure employees working for Japan companies and their overseas networks are fully engaged and informed around their benefits. We use communication and branding tools to create awareness and drive greater employee engagement, value and appreciation of their benefits program.

Through a consultative and information-based approach, we define, design and deliver employee health and benefit programs that help you: 

  • Understand and analyze your workforce profile.
  • Measure risks and implement actions to prevent, mitigate, treat, and contain program costs.
  • Develop sustainable benefit programs, aligned with your corporate strategy.
  • Ensure benefits programs are both competitive and valued by your employees.
  • Implement comprehensive health strategies that positively impact your workforce.
  • Develop strategies and initiatives to effectively brand and communicate your benefits program.

Services in Japan include:

Benefits Consulting

Our team brings extensive knowledge of benchmarked and emerging trends on benefits programs, prevailing employment rules and regulatory requirements, and insights into global standards and domestic and overseas benefit trends.

We provide benefits program consulting, administration and management. Examples include new compensation programs for workplace absence, utilizing group long-term disability insurance in Europe and the United States; and proposals for cost reduction strategies that utilize pooling systems for Japanese-based multinational companies.

Marsh Contact Center (One Call Solution)

The Marsh Contact Center is the conduit between a company’s employees (and their family members) and their insurance program. Our Contact Center staff specialize in employee benefit insurances, and provide integrated services including information on a range of insurance products, processing insurance claims, and responding to inquiries regarding policy details.

Marsh MyStar Gate

Marsh MyStar Gate is a system that uses a dedicated platform for group insurance enrolment, applications, and management of voluntary insurance plan enrolment. Using this system encourages employee participation in benefit programs, thereby reducing the administration burden for Human Resource teams.

Human Resource Business Process Outsourcing (HR-BPO)

In order to reduce the administration burden for Human Resources, Marsh helps clients focus on their core business and achieve higher efficiency in management divisions by providing the following agency outsourcing services:

  • Transfer of administration for Group insurance
  • Insurance premium billing and collection
  • Asset-building savings program management

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

We provide various services to support employee wellbeing, including:

  • EAP vendor referral and support
  • Stress checks
  • Organizational diagnosis service referrals
  • Ensuring wellness programs are compliant under the amended Industrial Safety and Health Law

Products – Include Life, Disability and Travel Insurance Benefits

Insurance benefits available in Japan vary greatly in terms of coverage and premium, depending on the line of insurance and the number of insureds. These include:

Life, Disability and Travel
  • Group Term Life
  • Group Personal Accident / Accidental Death & Disability (AD&D)
  • Overseas Business Travel
  • Accident
  • Individual Term Life
  • Individual AD&D, for Directors
  • Group Long-Term Disability (GLTD*)
  • Supplemental Workmen’s Compensation Insurance
  • Individual Long-Term Disability
  • Individual Short-Term Disability, for Directors
  • Inpatient / Hospitalization, for Group or Individual coverage

Long term disability (LTD) insurance is a program that supplements income in the case where an employee is unable to work because of illness or injury. LTD has been introduced by many companies in the United States and Europe and is steadily becoming established as an essential benefits program in Japan, particularly among publicly-traded companies, since its introduction in 1994. LTD programs are closely linked to the personnel programs of each company, and as a result, specialized knowledge is required for planning, introduction, and operation. We are a leader in introducing LTD programs in Japan.

Global Employee Benefit Program Solutions

In recent years, optimization of employee benefit programs for employees assigned to overseas locations as well as employees of overseas subsidiaries has become a key issue for global companies.

Mercer Marsh Benefits supports multinational corporations by leveraging your data, in combination with our analytics and HR capabilities, and insurer expertise and bargaining power, to optimize overseas benefits programs, and realize cost control and corporate governance at a global level.

Mercer Marsh Benefits is a combination of Mercer and Marsh local offices around the world, and currently provides benefits to clients at more than 27,000 organizations globally, including many leading global companies and governmental bodies. The Mercer Marsh Benefits network extends to 135 countries worldwide and encompasses a staff of 18,000 including 200 experts on global benefits programs. Systems in Japan were reinforced in 2014, and highly detailed solutions tailored to the specific needs of Japanese corporate clients are provided by making maximum use of networks in Asia and globally.