Japan Client Services

Investing overseas requires global scale and an in-depth understanding of local customs and business practices to address your risks and expand your global footprint.

JCS was established in New York since 1985, JCS has built a network that extends to Europe and Asia and shifted its head offices to Tokyo in 2006. The trilateral JCS framework comprising JCS U.S., JCS EMEA, and JCS Asia provides services to Japan-based multinational corporations around the world.

JCS has approximately 500 specialists in countries around the world, and Japanese personnel have been posted and a framework for Japanese-language services have been created in all major cities. Specialists familiar with Japanese and local business practices and insurance regulations provide tailor-made solutions to the risks faced by the overseas subsidiaries of Japanese multinational corporations in both Japanese and local languages. In addition, JCS works in close collaboration with customer head offices in Japan to assist in the implementation of optimal risk management for overseas subsidiaries and affiliates.

Using the maximum capacity of Japanese and other insurance companies, JCS designs, constructs, and operates risk management & insurance programs optimized for customer businesses. Marsh has expanded and improved the JCS network so that our services can be used around the world in conjunction with the global implementation of our customers’ business and supports risk cost reductions by customers.

JCS Service Areas

  • Trade and logistics
  • Semiconductors and telecommunications
  • Banking, securities, and other financial services
  • Automobile manufacturers and cooperating companies
  • Healthcare and medical products
  • Chemicals and industrial materials
  • Consumer products
  • Industrial machinery and electronics technology
  • Metals
  • Construction and infrastructure

Our expertise

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