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Sports, Entertainment & Events

With powerful analytics and acute market insights, we help sports and events organisations to identify, quantify, and manage risk exposures – and reduce their total cost of risk.

International federations, national governing bodies, sports and event venues, and other organisations active in this dynamic industry face numerous risks. A single man-made or natural disaster can have financial and operational consequences ranging from third-party liability to brand and reputational damage.

Marsh’s Global Sports and Events Practice helps identify, quantify, and manage these risks. As a leading risk adviser to the sports industry, we have the specialised knowledge and market intelligence to help execute a risk management programme based on your company’s unique exposures and business goals.

With a considerable industry database, as well as benchmarking and analytics, we can provide quantitative insights to implement strategic priorities with confidence. Our experts work with you in order to help you identify risk trends, anticipate emerging issues, and design adequate risk management strategies for your organisation.

By understanding exposures from four primary perspectives – hazard, finances, strategy, and operations – we can help determine optimal strategies for managing your risk portfolio, enabling you to pinpoint the best coverage levels, reduce total cost of risk, and improve overall cash flow.

Some services and insurance products may not be available in Japan. Please contact our office for details.

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