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Password Managers: Help to Protect Personal and Business Data


Computer passwords do not rank high on anyone’s list of favorite things – except perhaps that of hackers.  While most people find passwords hard to remember and a nuisance, hackers use stolen passwords to pose as authorized users and do damage to data, systems and accounts. 

Password management software offers a solution to organize and store passwords in a single file, relieving the user of the need to remember and manually enter login information.  The password file is encrypted and protected by a single master password.

Single Sign On Solutions:  Enterprise-grade password managers

Businesses face the same password challenges as individuals, but on a larger scale.  Most need enterprise-grade password management solutions to accommodate the challenges of many employees, multiple operating locations, and a multitude of on-premise and cloud-based critical business applications.

Single Sign-On solutions perform the same basic functions as consumer password managers, but addressing enterprise needs.  For large enterprises, using SSO solutions to manage passwords can enhance user experience, increase productivity, and improve cybersecurity. 

We may see the end of passwords one day, but for today’s large enterprise, SSO coupled with multi-factor authentication is a recommended component of a comprehensive identity and access management infrastructure.