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Authority as an insurance agent

Marsh Japan, Inc. is fully owned by Marsh LLC, a global leader in risk management with presence in more than 130 countries, founded 1871. Since 1955, Marsh Japan, Inc. provides risk management and insurance related services as a leading international insurance agent in Japanese market.

1. Entrusting insurance companies and authorities given to us

Whether we act as an agent of entrusting insurance companies or as an intermediary in concluding insurance contracts is as follows.

  • Non-life: We are authorized to as an agent for the conclusion of insurance contracts as well as to accept declarations made by policyholders/insured, except for some insurance companies.
  • Life: We are neither authorized to as an agent for the conclusion of insurance contracts nor to accept declarations made by policyholders/insureds.  We act as an intermediary in concluding insurance contracts.

Please visit the link below for a list of entrusting insurance companies and the authority given to us from each of them.

Non-life insurer

Life insurer

Small amount and short term in

2. Our operational model for serving clients

In order to meet complex and diverse needs of clients doing business in and out of Japan, Marsh provides broad range of risk and insurance services by leveraging capabilities of the whole group, where Marsh Japan, Inc., an insurance agency and its subsidiary Marsh Broker Japan, Inc., an insurance broker serve as core operational companies in Japan. We will share and utilize the information of clients to the extent necessary for the business cooperation and internal controls. (Overview of our group: WHO WE ARECORPORATE PROFILE)

3. For Multinational Clients in Japan

Marsh prides itself on being the leading global insurance broker, with a network in over 130 countries. In Japan, brokers were only permitted to be established in 1996 and regulatory constraints which limit the ability of brokers to deal with and manage client funds including premiums were and continue to be imposed. As a result, and in order for Marsh to continue to deliver seamless insurance programs and risk solutions to our clients and to facilitate efficient service, Marsh in Japan does not transact for multinational clients through its licensed broking subsidiary, Marsh Brokers Inc. Instead since 1955, Marsh in Japan has transacted business for its multinational clients through Marsh Japan Inc., a licensed insurance agency which has agreements authorizing it to act as an agent for all major insurance carriers.   As a result, Marsh Japan Inc. is able to offer both depth and width in choice of insurance coverage with its broad range of insurance principals.  Multinational clients transacting business in Japan continue to enjoy the high standards of services for their insurance needs based on specifications set by the client’s head office and Marsh global client teams. These high levels of service extend to claim servicing where Marsh Japan Inc. is responsible for forwarding the client’s interests and position to the insurance carriers, although Marsh Japan Inc. is not directly involved in the claim adjustment.  If you require further information about Marsh’s business model in Japan, please do not hesitate to ask your Marsh contact to obtain more details from our team in Japan.

4. How we propose insurance

In proposing insurance to clients, we comprehensively consider the following criteria while taking into account the client’s preferences, such as the type of insurance for the risks that require insurance coverage and terms and conditions of the coverage.

  i.   Underwriting capacity and terms and conditions, and their stability, flexibility, and continuity

  ii.    Service capabilities including administrative procedure, claims handling and provision of information.

  iii.   Insurance premium rates

  iv.    Financial strength of insurers

In the case of renewal, we will offer the same policy from the same insurer as the previous year, unless otherwise requested by the client or under other special circumstances.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the client designates an insurer or insurance product, we, in principle, comply with such designation.

If we deem it necessary for making a proposal, we will take measures such as indicating the terms of the transaction and obtaining multiple quotations.