Mining Risk Reporting: Emerging Trends in an Evolving Risk Landscape

The period 2005 to 2015 was one of intense change for the mining industry. New risks have been posed by technical innovation and frontier investments, and traditional risks continue to evolve in a period of uncertain markets and changing relationships with stakeholders.

Marsh's new report, Mining Risk Reporting: Emerging Trends in an Evolving Landscape, has compiled and classified by theme the risks reported by the 50 leading global mining companies during the period of 2005 to 2015 to identify those risk items that are emerging and changing within risk reporting, and those that are not.

Key findings include:

  • Market risk factors continue to dominate risk reporting – and are an important factor in assessing other risk issues.
  • Risk tolerance is dynamic as commodity prices fluctuate, risk tolerance varies – these exogenous risk factors are critical in developing a forward looking model of risk appetite.
  • Cyber risk has shown significant growth as a risk concern.
  • Regulation continues to develop and impose higher standards of risk identification and reporting for mining companies.

Download the PDF to read the entire report.