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The 2021 Captive Landscape Report: Captive Formations Almost Double

In this complimentary report, Marsh’s captive professionals provide the latest analytics on how captives demonstrate their value over time.
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Learn how more than 1,300 captives are helping solve business challenges and why captive formations nearly doubled in 2020.

From overcoming market challenges to addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks, captives are being used in new and innovative ways. To find out how, fill out your information below to download Captive Landscape report. You’ll receive the latest statistics, trends, and insights needed to prioritize your captive strategies, plan for the future, and reduce your total cost of risk.

What’s in the Report?

  1. Why did captives show growth amid market challenges?
    Numerous factors fueled growth in almost all areas in 2020.

  2. What types of captives and coverages showed the most growth last year?
    See captive trends by the total number of captives, overall net premium volume, certain types of captive vehicles, such as cells, third-party premium volume, parent company regions, and more.

  3. How can a captive help solve D&O issues?
    With rates spiking, capacity shrinking, retentions increasing, and terms tightening, public and private companies struggled to replicate their D&O coverage at renewals. Understand how captives help parent companies when they face challenges in risk capacity and pricing.

  4. What new lines and risks and captives writing?
    Find out which non-traditional lines saw sharp growth in net premiums.

  5. How are large companies making the most of their captives?
    Discover how large companies are using their captives for multiple lines of business, generating underwriting profit, and reducing their total cost of risk.

  6. How can a captive play a role in enhancing ESG initiatives? 
    Many organizations are putting more attention to ESG issues in their day-to-day operations. Learn how captives play a role in this transformation, helping facilitate and enhance an organization’s approach to ESG.

  7. What comes next for captive owners?
    New risks are emerging, and captives remain an effective way to address them. Hear from our experts on how captive owners should be preparing for what comes next.