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Mercer Marsh Benefits

Employee health benefits program

Having a great employee health benefits plan improves the well-being of your people, while also building the health and resilience of your business.

Refining benefits strategy to enhance program outcomes

The future of work demands healthy, focused employees. As medical trends continue to rise, now is the time to consider bold new measures to deliver maximum value and balance healthcare cost concerns with empathy and employee engagement.

On the one hand, organizations must keep costs to a minimum and protect the bottom line, while also meeting changing regulation, managing complex risk and exposures, and supporting HR teams who are increasingly feeling the pressure.

On the other hand, most organizations want to invest in their people — attracting and retaining the best talent and giving their employees benefits that truly benefit themselves and their loved ones.

We understand the importance of balancing both. Ultimately, you’re fighting for the health and resilience of your people and the health and resilience of your business. Too often this balancing act is viewed as an "either or”. But we see it differently. When both sides of the equation are in sync, you create a virtuous circle whereby one reinforces the other — and your people and business emerge stronger from every challenge.


Health on demand: Delivering the benefits employees want now

Our research study looks at the views of over 14,000 employees across the globe as greater demand for benefits that meet real employee needs is driving a shift towards digital well-being and self-care.

Our products and services

Workers’ compensation

Comprehensive understanding of  solutions for workers’ compensation, health, and safety challenges are needed in order to improve and differentiate your risk profile and effectively manage costs.

Enterprise solutions

Employee benefits designed for and tailored to your small or medium-sized business needs can help you protect one of your most valuable assets, your people.

Multinational benefits

Creating a globally consistent, locally relevant, and digitally driven international benefits program can help reduce your administrative burdens and provide your employees with a valued health and well-being benefits experience.

Benefits financing

Finding optimal financing solutions for your benefits plans — using powerful analytics and market insights — can help you create a sustainable program for your employees and your organization.

Employee communication

Communicating the advantages of your benefits program to employees is as important as providing those benefits in the first place.

MMB can help you

Mercer Marsh Benefits help companies in every industry around the world achieve a win-win outcome. Our unmatched, on-the ground presence means we offer deep local relevance at a global scale. We’re an industry leader in health benefits programs, but we think and act like a challenger to deliver the best program for your people.

With our market-leading technology, we’re able to create health benefits experiences that enable your employees to make faster, smarter choices that are right for them and their loved ones. But our approach to the health benefits experience doesn’t just benefit your employees, it also benefits you. We’ll give you better insight into and control over your programs.

Finally, our local specialists are there for you and for your people. We simplify processes, minimize administration, and deliver long-term efficiencies, while never losing sight of the goal: benefits that truly benefit.

We can work with you to develop a program that can help:

  • Control healthcare and other benefits program costs.
  • Use benefits to help attract and retain the right employees.
  • Save time and money.
  • Manage financial and regulatory risks.
  • Keep employees healthy and productive.
  • Secure the best solutions, pricing, and service from health and benefit vendors.

Learn how a consultative, data-driven approach can help you design an employee health benefits program that truly benefits.

Speak with one of our team in Asia today.

Our products and services