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Marsh Asia PEMA 2022 Transactional Risks: The State of Play

Despite formidable macro forces in the forms of inflation, geopolitical tensions, and rising interest rates, Marsh Asia’s Private Equity and Merger & Acquisitions (PEMA) Team has spared no effort in 2022 to help our clients manage and overcome their M&A risks with transactional risks solutions such as warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance.

Join Marsh Asia’s PEMA Leader Ai Ling Cheow with her highly-experienced team in a top-secret arena as they share an update on the state of play for W&I insurance in the region. Get the latest intelligence on trends across Asia’s key markets, including average premium rates, industries that led in W&I insurance usage, and new insurers entering the marketplace in 2023.

The trusted risk advisor in your M&A journey

With more than 15 years of expertise in the region serving both private equities and corporates, Marsh Asia’s PEMA Team has stood the test of time with their unwavering commitment to ‘level up’ the transactional risk insurance marketplace in Asia and provide the best-in-class risk mitigation and transfer actions for your M&A transactions.

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