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Unlock revenue-generating potential from digital cargo insurance

State of Play - The Future of Digital Cargo Insurance

Digital cargo insurance represents an untapped revenue channel for digital freight platform providers and online freight marketplaces.

What are the benefits to shippers? What are the benefits to freight platform providers and marketplaces?

Download State of Play – The Future of Digital Cargo Insurance to get the latest trends and insights to unlock your own revenue potential.

What you’ll learn:

  • What are the key trends every cargo leader should know?
    Gain a deeper understanding of the cargo trends impacting the logistics industry.
  • What factors are driving the growth of digital cargo insurance?
    Find out the developments accelerating the deployment of digital cargo insurance products and services. 
  • How can digital cargo insurance benefit both freight platform providers and shippers?
    Discover how an integrated freight booking and cargo insurance platform can create efficiencies and value for your clients and your organization.

What action should cargo leaders take?

Come away with a deeper understanding of the steps your organization can take now to build an integrated freight and cargo insurance platform and enhance revenues.

Please note that Marsh PB Co., Ltd and Marsh McLennan are not engaged by nor involved in any manner with Bonus Ranch and its promotion, and has not placed any insurance for nor insured any of its businesses or operations. Marsh as a licensed insurance broker will not request customers to make payment via non-standard methods, such as the transfer of money to any individual’s bank account.