Energy from Waste Contract Bonds

As contractors and engineers who are involved in the energy from waste industry, you will often have to provide performance and advance payment bonds to your employers. Whether you provide the process technology, carry out the civil engineering works, or deliver the waste management contract for the local authority, we can help with your surety requirements.

Marsh’s Surety Practice has the experience, expertise, and insurance market relationships to provide you with bespoke surety solutions with strong and reputable surety companies and aims to deliver competitive terms.

We have experience of arranging bonds for private finance initiative (PFI) contracts and can help you whether you are working as a sole contractor or in a joint venture arrangement, where contract and indemnity structures can be complex.

We also have considerable experience in providing advice on bond wordings, from standard conditional wordings to more complex and onerous obligations. We support you in negotiating the wording at an early tender stage, to ensure we obtain the best available terms and help retain the protection of the contract conditions.

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