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Claims Management

Identifying and analysing the cause of losses is critical to managing the total cost of risk from claims and improving claims management strategies. When recovering from a business loss, resolving claims efficiently is critical. Marsh can help you across your entire claims lifecycle.

Experiencing any type of claim – whether resulting from a natural disaster, cyberattack, product recall, or injury – can quickly become overwhelming for even the most experienced risk manager or business leader in today’s complex environment.

Proactively managing and resolving a claim is essential to recovering from a loss and improving the bottom line. However, this can take a significant amount of time, especially if your organisation doesn’t already have the existing infrastructure and resources in place to manage the entire process.

We can help simplify the process by advising you on how to best minimise the cost, impact, and frequency of your claims and advocating on your behalf for a successful recovery.

Whether your business needs assistance when it comes to preparing, presenting, and settling large complex claims or improving your claims program strategy and performance, we offer claims solutions powered by industry-leading data and analytics that can help you reduce your current and future losses and risks.

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We act as a trusted partner in the face of change, helping clients better anticipate future challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities through proactive risk advice that builds resilience and confidence.

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A claims management service acts as a proactive advisor between your business, insurer, third-party claims administrator, and other stakeholders, overseeing the preparation, presentation, and negotiation of your claims through conclusion.

As claims grow increasingly complex, a service provider like Marsh can aid your business in creating a compelling claims presentation, advising you with respect to the resolution of claims, and avoiding any unnecessary costs. It can also improve the overall effectiveness of your claims program by identifying, analysing, and improving your claims strategies, operations, and systems.

By working with a claims management service, your business can more effectively manage and resolve claims in a timely manner. Your business may also be able to minimise the potential for an unexpected incident to disrupt day-to-day business operations.

When a company experiences a worker injury, cyber incident, major interruption, or catastrophic event, proactively responding and resuming business-as-usual is essential to survival. However, managing claims internally can take a significant amount of time, especially if your organisation doesn’t already have the existing infrastructure and resources in place to manage the process. In addition, the capital needed to handle a claim can significantly vary depending on the size, scope, and complexity of the incident.

Due to the volume of information and sensitive data surrounding claims, many organisations struggle to oversee the documentation process while also managing the claim itself. A claims preparation service will work with your business to reduce the administrative burden associated with documenting and presenting your claim, assisting with tasks such as compiling necessary information and documents, calculating the loss, and finding ways to expedite the claims resolution. As a result, your time and resources can be allocated to achieving optimal business outcomes rather than time-consuming administrative tasks.

If your business has recently experienced a loss and/or has grounds to file or defend a claim, you will want to consider working with a claims management service provider. A service provider such as Marsh can help you with claims related to:

  • Property damage and business interruption
  • Complex industry sectors such as energy, construction, marine, and aviation
  • Financial crime and directors liability
  • Product recall
  • Cyberattacks
  • Worker injury and health
  • Private equity and credit risk
  • Auto/motor accidents

Working with Marsh following any form of incident that results in a claim can help you return to standard operations more quickly. 

While burglary, theft, natural disasters, and accidental injuries are still some of the most widespread insurance claims we encounter, they have changed with the state of the world today. Climate change, for instance, has impacted the risk of floods, storms, and wildfires – all of which can damage property or disrupt your supply chain. Financial crime, on the other hand, has become more insidious with advanced cyber warfare and state-sponsored hacking. Many of our clients are viewing old claims issues in a whole new light.

Here at Marsh, we can help you with claims related to:

  • Property damage and business interruption.
  • Complex industry sectors such as energy, construction, marine, and aviation.
  • Financial crime and directors liability.
  • Product recall.
  • Cyberattacks.
  • Worker injury and health.
  • Private equity and credit risk.
  • Auto/motor accidents.

That being said, we can handle uncommon claims with the same rigour and fast-acting claims management skill.

Although the exact process of successfully resolving a claim will be highly dependent on the nature of the incident, typically, businesses will need to:

  • Analyse the magnitude and basis for the claim.
  • Understand the options for remedying the situation while also addressing any compliance, commercial, and reputational risks.
  • Implement a structured plan to oversee the claims process while communicating with stakeholders throughout the process.

By working with a specialist in claims management, business leaders can maximise speed and recovery, while reducing both the cost of the claim and its potential impact on operations.

At Marsh, we understand the devastating consequences an unexpected incident can have on your people, operations, and business. We also understand the need for transparency, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness when it comes to resolving ongoing or outstanding workers’ compensation claims. Our global Claims Solutions team will work with you to navigate such disruptive events and can advise on how to resolve your claims more efficiently.

A consultant will work with you to identify areas of vulnerability across your organisation, helping you prepare before and after a claim arises by:

  • Advising how to lower losses and loss adjustment expense costs through the implementation of best practices.
  • Providing claims accounting support in the context of commutations, arbitrations, and litigation.
  • Evaluating tail claims to assess the reasonableness of selected tail factors.

By reviewing complex liability losses and auditing your current claims and risk management processes, a consultant can help you create effective communication pathways with insurers and reduce the impact of future business interruptions and losses by recommending risk mitigation plans, claims management protocols, and resolution strategies.

A claims advocate will help you improve claims outcomes with your insurers by working with you to:

  • Proactively advocate on your behalf to obtain a prompt and fair resolution.
  • Provide clear and timely information regarding claims status.
  • Assist your communications with insurers in complex cases.

Although some insurance claims can be prevented through a comprehensive risk management strategy, they still happen.

Our global Claims Solutions team will work with your business to simplify the process of filing, managing, and resolving your claims. By combining our market knowledge and data-driven approach, we'll develop a transparent resolution strategy to help you meet your claims challenges.

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