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Technology Industry Risk Study

The Trust Challenge for Technology Companies

Hand of a man using laptop computer for hacking or steal data at night in office. Hacking concept

Public trust in technology companies is dropping in the latest Edelman Trust Barometer

Jim Prosser, managing director for corporate affairs and advisory services at Edelman, explains the reasons why trust in technology companies is dropping -- even as trust in businesses in general is increasing. Public trust can not only enable success for technology companies, it can also moderate the cost of risk. Jim explains how tech companies can improve public trust through partnerships between communication professionals and risk management.

Meet the speaker

Jim Prosser

Jim is Edelman's managing director for corporate affairs and advisory services, overseeing the practice for the U.S. western region and counseling C-level clients on corporate strategy, narrative and reputation. Before Edelman, Jim worked in communications for SoFi, Twitter and Google. His work has earned him wide industry recognition, including Business Insider naming him the top professional in technology communications in 2016. 


Global Technology Industry Risk Report

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