Webinar: 2019 Health Predictions

On 22 March, Mercer Marsh Benefits hosted a webinar, providing an Asia perspective on the top ten international health predictions impacting employee health and benefits in 2019.

Joan Collar, Mercer Marsh Benefits Asia Leader, and Alice Harkness, Mercer Marsh Benefits Health Consultant discussed insights regarding:

  • The Mercer Marsh Benefits’ top ten international health predictions for 2019.
  • The three key trends changing the environment for employee health and benefits in Asia:
    • The impact of increasing medical inflation, at rates greater than economic inflation.
    • What it means to have more universal public healthcare programs launching in Asia.
    • The role of data in understanding workforce needs and benefit use.    
  • The growing need for personalization of benefits, driven by increasing consideration of employees’ diversity and individual circumstances, including:
    • The increase in mental health awareness. 
    • Looking through a diversity and inclusion lens to remove access issues and coverage gaps.
    • Thinking about where flexibility can be offered in programs.

Joan and Alice also addressed key questions from webinar participants at the end of the session. Watch the webinar recording here.

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