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Representing organizations throughout the supply chain, we support logistics firms on risk mitigation, product flexibility, and delivering insurance programs in support of business growth.

The logistics industry is rapidly diversifying as the supply chain continues to evolve. Ever closer integration through merger, acquisition, and digitization of modal logistics suppliers has brought new rapidly converging and accelerating risks to the supply chain. The fragility is affecting all stakeholders and the customers they serve.

As the landscape of the logistics industry continues to change, it is increasingly important that insurance solutions are customized to individual activities and operations to reduce the risk of gaps in coverage in integrated supply chains.

Our solutions

In this dynamic operating environment, successful logistics providers must anticipate new delivery model demands, manage technology advances, and help shape the regulatory environment.

Find out how your organization can meet these challenges through the use of innovative digital insurance products and solutions.


Deploy innovative cargo insurance solutions and adapt to the changing risk landscape.


Safeguard investments and mitigate the impact of unexpected business interruptions.


Adapt to fluctuating demand and respond to emerging risks in real-time.

Why Marsh

At Marsh, our dedicated logistics risk team specializes in customized, innovative products designed specifically to cover the activities and operations of our logistics customers. We continue to drive innovative, blended solutions across the core coverage lines to ensure complete coverage and cost efficiency.

In addition to our placement expertise, our cargo claims advocacy team offers a range of services beyond traditional claims handling. We help you reduce costs and maximize efficiencies in casualty and property claims, before, during, and after a loss. Through our range of claims services, we have the skills and resources you need to meet your claims scenario, however large or complex.

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Please note that Marsh PB Co., Ltd and Marsh McLennan are not engaged by nor involved in any manner with Bonus Ranch and its promotion, and has not placed any insurance for nor insured any of its businesses or operations. Marsh as a licensed insurance broker will not request customers to make payment via non-standard methods, such as the transfer of money to any individual’s bank account.